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Because of my passion for languages I chose to study a degree in Translation and Interpreting. I wanted to become Japanese translator (yes, Japanese) due to the huge lack of books about the Japanese culture that were written in or translated into Spanish. The same happened with Japanese writers, whose books I could easily find in English but not in Spanish. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get into the only university in Spain that offers such an education, so I had to choose English and German languages instead in my MA in Translation and Interpreting.

I started working as a translator during my last year (out of four) at university, but when I finished it, I realised that it wasn’t enough, that I wanted to live and work in London. So I moved to London in 2004, without job, without a place to live in, but with many hopes and ilusions of becoming a good translator.

In february 2005, I managed to get a job as a Spanish Quality Assurance Localisation Technician for an important videogames publisher in London. Here, my day-to-day work consisted on translating, editing, checking the translations in the actual game, and anything else needed for the successful release of the game. On the other hand, in my spare time, I kept doing freelance translations for several agencies in London and Spain.

In July 2008, and after three and half years in the videogames industry, I decided that I had enough and that I wanted to spend more time translating, so I became a full-time freelance translator. And here I am.
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