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I am a self-starting and proactive worker, with a high sense of responsibility, good organisational skills and special good eye for details. I do not find it hard working under pressure or to tight deadlines. I have been demonstrating not only to myself but also to the rest of my colleagues and superiors that I can work hard and provide work to a high quality when called upon. Thus, I have been always open to doing overtime when needed. I am a dedicated and motivated person not only in my private life but also with my job and I like to fulfill any task that I have involved myself in.

On the other hand, I see myself as an enthusiastic and dynamic worker, good learner and positive person, with strong linguistic skills. I am also a positive person and I believe it is easy to work with me: I play a good role not only as a confident individual worker but also as a team player with great communication skills, which has been shown several times during my work in this company. I am able to identify issues and able to suggest solutions to any subsequent problem, and I am also able to communicate clearly to the rest of my team or any other people involved in the process as to what has been found, to avoid the issue becoming a problem. I have been always open to help other people not only in my own department but also in any other department when asked for help.
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