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During my years in the translation industry, I have met a few excellent translators. With some of them, I have become an associate, helping each other in translations of other languages pairs, or working together in multilingual projects.

- Céline Davin is a 
native French translator I worked with while I was a QA Lead at Eidos. She is currently finishing a MA in Translation and she specialises in videogames, technical translations and websites, amongst others. She also speaks very good English and Spanish. So for all your English/Spanish > French Translations, contact her!

- Tony, a native Italian with a degree in Translation, currently living in London and available for small and large translation jobs from English and French into Italian. So if you need his help, do not hesitate to contact him:

You can also know more about him by visiting his website:



- Sonja Sickert is a German native translator, with a Degree in Translation and several years of experience in Translation. She currently lives in
Germany, after living in England for two years while she was studying her Degree. She is reliable and specialised in Technical translations and videogames, as well as other types of translations.


- Elif Seker is a native Turkish, working as a freelance English <> Turkish translator and based in
Istanbul. She provides services of Translation, Transcription, Voice Over and DTP. She is highly experienced in the fields of Localisation, Legal, Medical, Technical and Law. She also has over 5 years of experience translating agreements, technical manuals, medical devices, certificates, diplomas, court decisions, surveys, etc.

Sergio Guillén Rodríguez is an independent Spanish and Finnish translator based in Helsinki, Finland. He can offer you translation services from English > Spanish and Finnish, and also Spanish > FinnishSo, if you need his help, do not hesitate to contact him:

You can also know more about him by visiting his website: 


Nigel Greenwood is a native Englishman, currently living in
Valencia (Spain), and he is a Spanish > English translator with over 30 years of experience in translating. Thanks to live in Spain for so long, I can say that his mastering of the Spanish language is brilliant. He specialises in Law translation and also technical translation, but he can translate many others subjects.
If you want to know some more about him, please
visit his profile. You can also contact him at:

Address: c/Torreblanca, 3. 46190 - Ribaroja del Túria

- I have also worked with Melina Carbajales, an Argentinian translator currently living in Barcelona (Spain). She specialises in IT, Law and Finance translation, but she can also translate Subtitling, journalistic, education, general... She will be the perfect one to Localise your Spanish texts from Spain into Latin American! She is a hard worker and fast learning.
If you want to know more about her, please
visit her profile. You can also contact her at:

**On the other hand, if you need translators in other languages (Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, etc), you can send me an e-mail or give me a call, and I will find someone for you to do the right job at the best rate.

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