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 I have now signed up for a new company, Kwintessential. I hope I can get work from them!
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 28th October 2010
I have started a blog about translation. At first, I will have it only in Spanish, but I will be soon creating the version in English too. I will be talking about Localisation and the difficulties translators find themselves in on a day-to-day basis, as well as some tips on how to overcome them. Do not miss it! -> blog

 11th October 2010
ASETRAD (Spanish Association of Translators, Editors and Interpreters) has confirmed me that I am now a member of their association. My member number is: 1205

 14th September 2010
I have been accepted as a member of the APTIC, the Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters of Catalonia, the Professional association trying to have the approval to create an Official Professional Association of Translators, which will help the members to establish the fairest conditions for all translators, and avoiding all those companies that underpay translators in exchange of top quality translators.
My member number is: 697

 7th September 2010

Another game to test. This time, is for three platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, I haven't been given the game itself but the screenshots with all the Localised text, which makes it a bit harder to test. But that wasn't going to stop me. I still managed to find plenty of things that needed to be changed!

 6th September 2010
I have enjoyed testing the PC game I started testing a few days ago, even though it has been hard to have everything checked in the short period of time I was given. I liked the game and I think it will be a success. I might buy it and spend my time building successful worlds!

 2nd September 2010

I have accepted to help one of the French agencies I work with (Cybione) to test a PC game from home, which is about building cities. I can't wait to start!

 12th August 2010
After six months at NeplayTV, my time in the cmopany has come to an end. I have enjoyed my time there, with the ups and downs, and I have learnt a lot about websites and how they work within. But, the most important thing is that I have learnt all about a new industry that was completely unknown to me  before.

 April 2010
I have been asked to stay longer in NetplayTV. They wanted me to become an employee, belonging to the company as an in-house QA Technician, but I requested to still be a contractor, in order to continue doing translations in my spare time. The good thing: they were happy about it.

 5th February 2010
I have started working as a contractor for NetPlayTV, an online and TV Casino company. Over here, I am in charge of the Quality Assurance of their online games, as well as the full functionality of the website. It is an interesting new experience, which will help me improve my casino translations and knowledge. This contract will finish in mid April.
Of course, in the meanwhile, I am still available for any translation project that you may need!

 4th November 2009
Thanks to TranslateMedia, I have been working all day testing a new game for McDonald's. It is about Avatar, the new James Cameron movie, and it is a game of seek&find objects within the amazing landscape of the movie Avatar. I am now looking forward to see the movie!! 

 March 2009
I have been working with BetfairTV for over a month, helping them with the testing of their new Roulette game, placing bets both online and using their Teletext software.

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